The ITC Partnership along with its Corporate Partners offers both internal and external training and development. Businesses are able to benefit from attending the formally structured training courses that provide bespoke training programmes for a wide spectrum of organisations.

ITC Partnership Mentoring Programme

There is a growing need in business, both large and small, to optimise the performance of the people in an organisation, to both achieve corporate growth and enable personal objectives to be realised.

Partner Selection and Training

In order to work as a Partner of the ITC Partnership and benefit from the international brand and extensive services on offer to clients, executives must pass through the ITC Partnership selection procedure, and then successfully complete the Mentoring Programme.

Partners receive training on all aspects of the International Business Development Programme and Consultancy Development Programme during the 3 day induction period. This takes place over initial 3 days, with Partners attending a further day after a month has elapsed from day 1 of the training; this enables further coverage of all key methodologies and modules within each programme.

The Mentoring Programme then assigns a ‘Mentor’ to each Partner for a period of 3 months to provide support and guidance where required to enable a successful fast track Client Development Programme.