The central offices of the ITCP are located in Hemel Hempstead, UK, which provides support to the offices and Partners in all other countries.

The ITCP has recently established a new Corporate Partnership initiative, bringing together a community of like minded organisations that have operational synergies and complimentary working practices.

CPRAS – The Card Processing Advisory Service

An award winning, industry leader in the card payments industry

For most businesses there are priorities but ones that can’t be ignored are ensuring that cash flow is maximised and that compliance with all legislation is guaranteed. CPRAS provides a service that, for any business using cards to trade, will protect cash-flow from excessive Merchant Acquirer costs and establishes a water-tight compliant regime.

CPRAS know from experience that there is an 85% chance that a merchant is being over-charged by at least 20% by the Merchant Acquirer for the credit and debit card transactions. In other words, only a 1 in 6 chance that the best rates are being applied. The implications to a company are manifold but clearly, it is a drain on cash resources that could usefully be used elsewhere to generate a far better return. CPRAS are finding savings ranging from 19% to 65% of existing fees with the average settling at 25% to 30%. This issue is also attracting much Press coverage as the realisation grows of the usurious nature of most existing schemes.

CPRAS will explain, for no charge, just how much a business is being over-charged, assuming that it is, and assess the strength of compliance of existing payment systems.

CPRAS’ experience suggests a widespread subsidiary problem; compliance. PCI DSS 3.2 legislation is will arguably be terminal if a data-breach occurs post-GDPR in 2Q18. The law changes for PCI DSS 3.2 next May and any organisation not able to comply with GDPR will be punitively dealt with – directors will be jointly & severally liable for failure, fines will be imposed and back-dated along with a host of additional impositions. There will be no period of acclimatisation for businesses to conform. The systems need to be entirely de-scoped.

CPRAS are not only engaged with a whole swathe of UK businesses, including The Ritz Group, but have lately been appointed to manage a massive Framework for all the UK’s Local Authorities, themselves concerned at the level of overcharging and the implications of GDPR. This project alone has a Card Turnover in excess of £4bn. CPRAS’ methodology is therefore scalable to a very large businesses indeed.